About us

AD5X2378 - Kopie

Richard Deimel

Owner & Founder

I´m the founder and owner of Extravaganzas. I ran an independent business with distribution of gifts and home accessories for more than 13 years. 2016 I started with transforming nature into interior products you can see here.

Why transforming nature?

Well, in those years I always wanted to have my own extraordinary products, or even better, my own unique collection. So I developed and created a couple of products, some of them already had this aspect to “nature transformed into interior products”. Many ideas of products were originated.

And someday my attention was attracted by something similar to our „Naturally infused“ – series. And from the very first moment I was fascinated by this unconventional kind of processing these natural materials and to uniquely bring out their beauty. After a long research for possible suppliers in a costly development process, 30 products were designed and brought to the series production stage. Also, the infused materials were defined from the wide range of possibilities. In further consequence, old grapevine and real preserved blossoms will be used.

Upcoming projects will take the beautiful shapes and colors of nature as a role model. With this new kind of processing and creation very special objects for nature and wood lovers are developed.

I´m passionate about entrepreneurship, enjoy Cabrio cruising and like paisley pattern. Not to forget: I love inspiring & motivating quotes.


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